Girasoli Enterprise, LLC develops educational software for schools and businesses and is owned and managed by Dr. Anthony Girasoli.

Dr. Anthony J. Girasoli has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a background in statistics and computer science.  Always an educator, Dr. Girasoli has taught at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.  When developing educational technologies, Dr. Girasoli integrates constructivist and constructionist theories of learning into his applications.  He is primarily interested in artificial intelligence, cognition and instruction, and how technology can assist teaching and learning.  

Dr. Girasoli has experience with Python, LISP, MySQL, iOS development with Swift, web development, robotics, and embedded processor development.  Dr. Girasoli has also published academic research articles on educational technologies. You can find them on his ResearchGate profile.

(Banner Picture Credit) Above is a photo of Seymour Papert's LOGO turtle, used in constructionist education.  Pictured on the main page is an IBM 3090 mainframe from the Chilton Computing website.  The 3090 was a supercomputer in the 1980's at universities, used for educational research and computations.  If you'd like to send a message to Girasoli Enterprise, LLC, please use the form below.

Girasoli Enterprise, LLC is based in Connecticut, USA.