A web-based application that allows high schools to get to the source of their students' PSAT and SAT scores through predictive and trend analytics.  

Prolytics is a powerful analytical tool that provides administrators and data teams with forecasts of how students will perform based on the courses they take or grades they achieve.  Prolytics also provides trend analyses on your PSAT/SAT data from 9th to 11th grades.  


Currently in development:  The Multi-User Interactive REPL is an educational text-based virtual world, similar to the MUD's (Multi-User Dungeons) and MOO's (MUD, Object Oriented) of the 1980's and 1990's to support STEM learning.  

MUIR diverges from MOOs in that the programming language is more Pythonic and easier to learn than the MOO programming language.  Participants in MUIR can create virtual spaces for teaching and learning.  Additionally, MUIR allows for interactions with physical objects in the real world, such as robots and radio communications.  MUIR is also meant to be a low-cost method for bridging the digital divide for students that do not have high-speed access to the Internet.  MUIR also has a hardware component: a low-cost text-only wireless terminal that uses LoRa data transmissions.  Additionally, old computer hardware that has a serial port can be used.  Video lessons are called within the text world of MUIR and broadcasted on amateur radio television bands.  This allows any student with a TV and an antenna to receive on-demand video lessons.


Currently in development: Synergy is an iPad app for facilitating group discussions through the use of video.  By presenting visual maps of how discourse is connected together, participants can easily navigate within a discussion to better choose others' conversations and understand the flow of meaning.